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First we would like to welcome you and your MICE group to Oman (The Jewel of Arabia). Now that you have your travel and hotel taken care of it is time to think about all the support services you will need. We are a full service Event Management company. This means that everything you may need can be arranged from one supplier. Below is a list of the services we typically provide for MICE groups. But it doesn't stop there. If you have any special requirements, just let us know. We will find a way to make it all come true. 

Conference Support

The first thing on the TO DO LIST is normally the conference or meeting event. In this area we offer a full array of A/V, lighting, staging and digital backdrop printing. But it doesn't stop there. We can provide local gifts and awards as well as arrange activities and staffing.

Evening Activities

Once the business day is done, what do you do with your group? To answer this questions we offer evening entertainment packages that can keep them having fun every night. We have worked with MICE groups from around the world. So just let us know what is on your mind. We have probably done that.  These activities generally take place after the dinner hour and are designed to keep your group occupied and entertained. But of course, they have the option to explore. We offer many options to include:

  • DJ Dance night

  • Themed Dinner

  • Gala Dinner

  • Karaoke Night

  • Game Show night

  • Comedy Shows

Team Building

Listening to status reports and corporate numbers all day can be a real bummer. Why not spice up your conference by doing a half day of conference and a half day to team building for your group. Allow your group to get to know each other better. We have a wide range of team building activities for groups small and large. Visit our Team Building page for more details 


Yes, the hotel is nice, but if you want a taste of the local culture. You have to get out of there or we can bring to culture to you. Arabic theme nights will give your group a taste of the local life during your stay here in Oman. But if you want something a little more, we offer Dhow (a type of Omani boat) trips along the coast, beach away days with all the equipment to enjoy the coves and bays or just a little something crazy. Whatever your ideas, we are your resource to make it happen. 

MICE Events are unique for each client and we accept that. We design each event based on our clients requirements. Sometimes that means bringing in special entertainment, supplies or items in from abroad. Sometimes it might require that we custom fabricate whatever is needed. So we only have one request with this in mind. Please don't wait until the last minute. It limits our ability to make your vision come true.

Contact us for booking information 

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