Oman has become the idea destination for the most important day in a couples life together. Oman offers unique backdrops that can not be found anywhere else in the Middle East. Your special day becomes that much more special. Wedding ceremonies, destination excursions and guest performers are all possible with Titan Events & Entertainment.

Our culturally diverse team can incorporate all of your religious and cultural requirements into one package. We have worked with all the exclusive hotels including the Shangri-La Resort Hotel. We provide the following services from our own inventory, our dedicated supply chain or through our hotel partners.

Titan Events

  • Fabrication

  • Sound & Lighting

  • Video production

  • Professional Photography

  • Floral Arrangements

Hotel Partners

  • Accommodations

  • Food & Beverage

  • Airport transfers

  • Visa processing

Contact us to find out what it takes to make your visions come true. 

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