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Team Building

We offer team-building solutions that provide an open environment to encourage interaction and communication amongst your staff. This carries over into more productive working relationships. Boost your company’s productivity while having fun! With easy booking options and corporate rate discounts, planning team buildings for large companies has never been more accessible!
Some of the most important benefits include the following:

  • Customized team-building curriculum to align with your company mission and values.

  • Increased productivity by strengthening relationships between departments and improving communication among employees.

  • Develop problem-solving skills through collaborative team-building activities.

  • Give back to the community through corporate CSR team-building opportunities.

  • Have fun while gaining valuable skills to establish a positive culture in the workplace

E-Challenge Series

This Activity series is based on IPad/Andriod mobile devices. 

City Challenge
radisson teambuilding 8.jpg
souk challenge 3.jpg
Souk E-Challenge A_edited.jpg

City Challenge offers a chance for your group to experience the rich history of Oman during their stay. Groups are transported to the local Souk (Old Market), then tablets are issued to each team. These tablets will guide the teams around the Souk in search of the items required to earn points for their team. There will be challenge points where teams must complete a task to unlock the next destination. All the tasks and clues are activated only after the reach their GPS location. Find the hidden artifact, speak to the shop owner, take a picture. Experience the hospitality of Oman while earning team points.  Does your team have what it takes to succeed? Find out when you book this activity for your next team building. Includes all hardware for each team.


Treasure Challenge

Finally a new twist on the classic Treasure Hunt game. Now the venue, your work site or the whole city could be part of your treasure hunt. You will receive an iPad from our event manager, who looks after the whole activity and communicates with you in a real time. An iPad with a unique software controls the game and leads you through all the tasks and clues which are activated only after you get to the spot located by GPS. Find the hidden objects, solve the challenges, take a picture, or record a video. Does your team have what it takes to succeed? Find out when you book this activity for your next team building. Includes hardware for each team.

Brain Series

 Charity Build-a-Bike
Schlumberger Bike TB - 7.jpg
build a bike layout.jpg
Schlumberger Bike TB - 28_edited.jpg

Get your team in gear, armed with tools and enthusiasm as they race to build the ultimate children's bicycle.

Each team must compete to earn the parts to complete their bicycle kit and all the necessary tools to assemble it. Working together, they will build the bikes which will used in a team race at the conclusion. All bikes will then be donated to a local charity for children. Building with the purpose of a good deed will allow team members to work passionately and feel good about themselves as they put a smile on deserving children's faces.

*Bikes will be donated with safety equipment and certified by a bicycle mechanic before donation.

Paint N Create
paint & create 4_edited.jpg
paint & create 2.jpeg
paint & create 1.jpeg

Paint & Create is a artistic team building event that will bring out your inner artist as teams tap into their creative side to paint a large mosaic from many several smaller canvasses. This event is very flexible in terms of how it is structured to fit your event requirements and desired difficulty level. Participants will be split up into teams where they will be briefed on painting techniques and instructions for creating the chosen design. A variety of themes and styles are available to choose from, the goal is to create a piece of art that reflects company values and is meaningful to employees.

Team Bonding  Series

Classic Team Building

Sometimes the real objective is to just have some fun and get to know each other. In our Team Bonding series we have designed activities that are fun, but still help you get to know your coworkers. This has been the mainstay of team building for many years. Team bonding events are less structured and focus more on having fun together. They will definitely create something to talk about around the office. This is the objective of bonding.

Team Building Inquiry Form

Custom Creations

Because team-building can have different objectives. We can create custom variations to the programs we offer or create something unique just for you. Team-building can be integrated with different training subjects. Such as HSE, company history, and personal development.

Team Building bookings are custom designed to cater to the requirements and group size of each client. Please use the request button below to send us information regarding your event. If needed, we can also provide venue bookings for all the major hotels. However, we do have some special locations that you may not have thought about. Our Team Building programs will challenge your staff to work together towards a common goal. In the process, they learn more about their co-workers than just working in the office. 

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