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We are a full range event management company proving custom design and fabrication to meet our clients' needs or requirements. It is not possible to list all services in the small space. So if you have a project that needs some special attention. Please use our CONTACT US page to reach us. 


It is our job to turn your vision into reality.


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This type of event can be considered the company signature on a great year. For this reason, quality and presentation is of the utmost importance. If it is a salute to employee performance with an award or a thank-you to your top clients, quality of execution is important. We combine all of these things into a single source to manage your event. We look after the entertainment (classical musicians, opera singers or jazz bands), the transportation, the accompanying logistics guides, and fabulous gourmet dinners ensuring that you will impress your guests with a spectacular and memorable dinner.


Have your company’s profits increased this year? Have you expanded your operations? All of these things come from the hard work and dedication of your staff throughout the year. What better way to reward your staff and build morale for the coming year than a staff party?  Our staff will manage all the details of creating a memorable event. We will provide activities, venue, entertainment, catering, gift give-a-ways, and much more. All elements of your event will be planned and organized by our professionals, leaving you with a single contact to create your vision.

Radisson Teambuilding 4.jpg

Team-building activities are stimulating problem-solving tasks designed to help group members develop their capacity to work effectively together.  Activities may be simple or complicated, but they all have one thing in common: the team has to work together to complete the task. Doing this will expand existing relationships and forge new ones. These co-worker relationships are the building blocks of an efficient staff. Team-building events can accommodate a small section or the whole company. Each team-building event is tailored for the client’s business sector.


Studies have shown that impact marketing offers the best cost-to-benefit ratio of all marketing styles. However, most business people are not even sure what impact marketing is. An Impact Marketing event targets a specific market segment in order for you to present your product or company to the actual market segment that will be buying your products. At Titan we take this step further by designing impact marketing events that target the desired market segment for our clients. If your new product appeals to 18 – 25 year-old males, then an event will be designed to attract that audience. This puts your product in the right hands.


An Exhibition Booth needs to make a statement. It needs to attraction visitors and make your company stand out amongst the competition. We will design, fabricate, install and staff (yes, we provide staffing) your booth taking into account the qualities of your product and your target market. All related services will be covered under one agreement.


A wedding ceremony is a major milestone in a couple’s life, and you only get one chance to get it  right. Because weddings are so personal, we put in every effort to make sure that this type of event is carried out without a problem. If it is special flowers flown in from around the world, or custom staging for the happy couple, we manage wedding ceremonies very closely with a focus on the program. If required, we are able to provide an all-female staff to service the event. You are always in good hands with Titan Events & Entertainment.

CN Boomerrang Promo 1.jpg

Promotional Events and Roadshows put your product or services where your market is. This could be a Hypermarket or a Retail Mall. We maintain relationships with many promotion locations around Oman. Putting your product or service where it belongs becomes our job as your in-country specialist. Many of our clients are from abroad and trying to put their foot into the market.


Not all events fit into the categories listed above. However, your corporate event needs are still in good hands with Titan Events & Entertainments. Special events could include sports events, corporate conferences, fashion shows, exhibitions, store launches, training conferences, receptions, Sponsorship and award ceremonies. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you meet them. We only ask that you share your vision. Then let us do our jobs. 

PEIE VM 19.jpg

Video Mapping has the ability to convert the most simple surface into a fascinating display of your product or brand. Anything from a box to a building can be used as a projection surface for this technology. Image your brand or product being presented as LARGER THAN LIFE. Then melting away to reveal your brand or logo. 

Looking for professional support for your events?

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